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Work Ethic

In my spare time, I'm a competitive powerlifter.

No, I'm not big and burly. But you'd be surprised at how many "normal" people show up to a powerlifting meet.

Powerlifting is hard work. There's no way to cheat. Your success in the sport is determined by how many hours you spend moving iron at the gym.

I've learned a lot on the short walk from the chalk bucket to the platform. Those lessons have formed the foundation of my work ethic. 

My value system is based on 10 basic principles.

  1. Always show up.
  2. Smile, even on the bad days.
  3. Work consistently toward one goal.
  4. Appreciate slow progression.
  5. Learn from others.
  6. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.
  7. Setbacks are part of the journey.
  8. Ask for help when it's needed.
  9. Never, ever give up.
  10. Deeply value collaboration.

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