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My speaking availability is limited. In addition to my writing and advising, I manage the modern operations team at Microsoft in developer advocacy.

If I’m not available for your event, I will work to provide you with fantastic alternatives.

If you’re looking for different ways to engage with DevOps for Dummies and transform your team or organization, reach out.

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DevOps Expert + Keynote Speaker

  • Author of DevOps for Dummies, a human-centered and practical guide to DevOps transformation and technology management.

  • Widely recognized as a thoughtful, entertaining, and professional keynote speaker at international technology and leadership conferences.

  • Advisor to both cutting-edge startups and some of the largest technology providers in the world.



“Emily’s keynote session is something everyone should watch. Her perspectives on growth, courage, vulnerability, and trust ring true across every person in every industry. It's seriously one of the best talks I've seen.”

— Joey Lorich

Loved your keynote! Especially the message: Tossing a plan isn't failure, it's adaptation.”

— Wesley Faulkner

“An extremely refreshing talk and perspective on scaling.”

— Laura Melon

“Great talk, Emily! You’re one of my ‘wicked smart’ inspirations. So many wise nuggets here. And I echo the advice for mentorship. It has been one of the best tools in my career toolbox.”

— Karen Gonzalez

“The talk of the event was Emily on incident management by glorious use of gifs, memes, and profanity.”

— Neil Watson

"Scaling Sparta is on my personal ‘best conference talks of all time’ list now! So many great analogies!

— Sebastian Gierlinger

“Such a great talk by Emily! Interesting, thoughtful and fun.”

— Alanna Brown

“[A] wonderful story. It’s truly inspiring. I walked out with a lot of positive energy and willpower after the keynote.

— Vaishu

“This talk by Emily was faaaantatic. From the epic use of GIFs, to the timing and content, to the beautiful slides, this was one of the best talks I've seen in a while. Great work.”

— Arthur Maltson

Great talk... It should be at TED!”

— Jason LeBouef


Check Emily’s Availability

Emily has keynoted dozens — and spoken at hundreds — of conferences across the globe. Her entertaining talks are designed to motivate and inspire your audience.

Every talk is tailored to the client and audience to ensure everyone walks away energized and excited for what’s next.

Talk ideas for executives:

  • DevOps transformation and management

  • Tech leadership

  • Empowering engineers

  • Hiring and retaining talent

  • Recession-proofing your hiring

  • Having hard conversations

Talk ideas for engineers:

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome

  • Removing bottlenecks in everyday work

  • Accelerating the development process

  • DevOps workshops

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