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DevOps for Dummies
Wiley Publishing

Summer 2019

Interviews + Podcasts

Open-Source ‘Great Satan’ No More, Microsoft Wins Over Skeptics
Bloomberg • Jun 3

DevOps for Dummies
Screaming into the cloud • Jun 5

Twitter Takeover
Velocity • Mar 15

The Value of DevRel and Writing Technical Books
Real World DevOps • Feb 28

From Scaling Spartans to DevOps for Dummies
Pure Performance • Feb 20

The Art of Developer Relations
The New Stack Context • Jan 18




Top DevOps Experts You Should Know

Top DevOps Experts You Should Know

DevOps Contributor

Interviews + Podcasts

Twitter: Friend or Foe?
Community Pulse • Nov 30

What Matters Is Who You Know
IT Career Energizer • Sept 10

Code Craftsmanship with Emily Freeman
The Women in Tech Show • May 29

Radio Interview
China News International • May 19

Fitness While Traveling
DevLifts • Mar 14

Empowering the Changing Face of Agile
Agile Uprising • Mar 11


Shared IP, SMTP, and DNS, Oh My!
Swift Kick • Jan 17




A DevOps Christmas Carol
SysAdvent • Dec 15

Anti-Diversity: Let Me Google that for You
Kickbox • Aug 7


Why We Love Women In Tech
Turing School • Sept 13

Speaker Interview
RevolutionConf • Apr 6

Interviews + Podcasts

Refactor Your Body
DevLifts • Nov 20

Giving Talks and Powerlifting
Dads in Dev • June 22

Code Schools and Diversity
Dads in Dev • May 24