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I believe the biggest challenges facing tech aren’t technical, but human. My mission is to transform technology organizations by creating company cultures in which diverse, collaborative teams can thrive.

The best products are engineered on teams where the values of empathy, kindness and — most importantly — respect are held above all other contributions. 

I’m the author of DevOps for Dummies and I lead the modern operations team in cloud advocacy at Microsoft. I’m known for my creative approach to identifying and solving the human challenges of software engineering.

Consulting + Speaking

I advise cutting-edge startups and some of the largest companies in the world on DevOps, engineering leadership, and developer engagement. I’d love to join you for your next event.



DevOps for Dummies

DevOps is an engineering culture of collaboration, ownership and learning with the purpose of accelerating the software development lifecycle from ideation to production.

DevOps For Dummies provides a guidebook for those on the development or operations side in need of a primer on this way of working.


I’m interested in the human side of tech.


Conference Talks

Drafting Success

Writing a book is the hardest achievement I’ve set out to accomplish. I finished it like a marathoner at the end of a long race, crawling toward the finish line. I was empty.

But finishing the book isn’t the interesting story. The journey is where I learned the valuable lessons. Only in the tears and the toil, in the mud of my own emotions and self-doubt, did I learn the truths of struggle, resiliency and creative work.

Engineering software is creative work. Yes, we talk about algorithms and lambdas. But our work transcends science and technology. I believe we need to rethink the definition of success, learn to write the first draft and work as a community to better technology. It’s the lessons I learned in the trenches of my own creative work that I think we can apply to our DevOps organizations.

Scaling Sparta

Scaling systems is hard, but we’re developers — that’s kind of our thing. Scaling people? Well, that’s significantly harder. Humans are complicated.

Scaling isn’t just about making what you have bigger. Instead, companies have to evolve. So how do you scale a team of two to twenty?

The answer starts over 2,000 years ago in Sparta.

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss would have made an excellent engineer. Because great code isn’t about choosing the perfect method name or building out 95% test coverage. All that is great, but it doesn’t make great code. YOU DO.

This talk will focus on common pitfalls along the development lifecycle and distill Dr. Seuss’s excellent advice into concise steps developers can take before they write a single line of code.



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