Real Time Crowdsourcing App

For the next week, I'll be writing a blog series on an app I'm writing: Real Time. It's a polling app and the responses can be viewed in, you guessed it, real time!

Here's everything you need to know:

Basic Requirements and Features:


Steve is an instructor at a seven-month developer training program in Colorado. In the middle of a long rant about the merits of CoffeeScript, he wants to check for student understanding. He could pause for a moment and ask the room if they have any idea what he's talking about, but he suspects they'll just smile and nod like they always do. He knows that some students may not want to admit in front of the whole group that they neither understand what Steve is talking about, nor do they particularly care.

  • Steve decides to use Crowdsource to anonymously poll the room.
  • He goes to the site to generate a new poll and adds three potential responses: "This is old hat to me", "I have an okay understanding of this", "I have no idea what you're babbling about".
  • He gets back two links: a admin view that shows the poll and a voting page that shows the options.
  • He drops the link into Slack and his students vote.
  • Steve feels pleased when he sees that 100% of his students are absolute masters of everything he has ever taught.
  • He turns off the poll before a certain student that comes late every day arrives and messes up his perfect score.